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Boy To Girl: “I Bet I Can Make You Say “I Love You”

Girl: “Its Impossible.”

Boy: “Ok, Lets Try! Say Abra Ka Dabra”

Girl Hanste Hue: “Abra Ka Dabra.”

Boy: “Say Scrappy Coco.”

Girl Confuse: “Scrappy Coco.”

Boy: “Say Love.”

Girl: “Love.”

Boy: “What 2+2”

Girl: “4”

Boy: “How Old Are You?”

Girl: “18”

Boy: “Haha!! I Told You I Could Make You Say 18.”

Girl: “No, You Said You Could Make Me Say I Love You.”

Boy: “Yes, I Did It.“

Researchers Now Believe That Raavan Cannot Be Evil,

One Who Takes Away Your Wife Can Only Be An Angel.

Three Friends Were Having A Drink In A Bar. A Conversation About Coincidences Arose.

The 1st Guy Said: “When My Wife Was Pregnant She Read The Novel The 2 Cities And Gave Birth To Twins.”

The 2nd Guy Said: “My Wife Read The 3 Musketeers And Gave Birth To Triplets.”

The 3rd Guy Started Running Heading Home, Friends Asked: “Why?”

He Said In Hurry: “My Wife Is Pregnant And I Left Her Reading Alibaba And The 40 Thieves.“

Philosophy Of Life:

At The Beginning Of Any Relationship,

Every Girl Feels Her Boyfriend Is GOD.

Later On Somehow The Alphabets Get Reversed.

A Little Boy Says To Girl “I Love U“?

But She Says She Likes Someone Else,

The Little Boy Looks Down In Sad Mood,

And After Few Seconds Looks Up At Her,

With Eyes Filled With Tears And Emotes,

All His Feelings By Saying Just Simple Beautiful Word Ever .. .. .. Kutttttttttttiii

A Bar Opened Opposite A Church!

The Church Prayed Daily Against The Bar Business

Days Later The Bar Was Struck By Lightning & Caught Fire Which Destroyed It.

Bar Owner Sued The Church Authorities For The Cause Of Its Destruction,

As It Was An Action Because Of Their Prayer, The Church Denied All Responsibility!

So, The Judge Commented,

“It’s Difficult To Decide The Case


Here We Have A Bar Owner Who Believes In The Power Of Prayer


An Entire Church That Doesn’t Believe In It !”

NASA was getting ready to launch a very important space shuttle. The scientists and engineers checked and double checked everything to make sure that things are fine. However, on the day of the launch, something seemed to be wrong. The rocket made all sorts of noise but never took off even an inch from the ground. The engineers were puzzled because they could not figure out the problem.

Finally, Manjit, a Sardar offered to help. The NASA scientists were desperate by that time and agreed to do anything.

‘Tilt the rocket 45 degrees to the right,’ said Manjit in a serious voice. The engineers were puzzled but did it anyway.

‘Bring it back to vertical position, the Manjit added. The engineers did.

‘Now start the engines,’ instructed Manjit. The rocket took off and flew into space. Everybody thanked and congratulated Manjit and asked him how he knew what to do.

He replied, ‘It is very simple. This is what we always do with our Bajaj scooters in India.’

There were eleven people hanging onto a rope which was hanging from a from an aeroplane. Ten were Sardar, and one was a girl. They all decided that one person should get off because if they didn’t, then the rope would break and everyone would die.

No one could decide who should go, so finally the girl said, ‘I’ll get off,’ and she made a really moving speech.

All of the Sardars started immediately applauding.

Devindar went into The Bank of India and asked to open a current account. The cashier was surprised when Devindar left the building saying he would return after he had been to Delhi.
When asked why he was visiting Delhi, he retorted that the application form said: ‘Got be filled in CAPITAL.’

One Day 5 Years Little Kid Ask To His Mom

Kid: “Mommy, Why I am Black & You Are White?

Mom Replied: “Listen Son, Considering All The Crazy Things I Did Years Ago, You Should Be Thankful To God That You Are Not Barking.“

Postman: I have had to walk 5 miles to deliver this packet.
Aneel: Why did walk so far? You could have posted it.

Sardar bought a new mobile. He called everyone in his Phone Book and told them: “My mobile number has changed, earlier it was Nokia 3310, now it is 6710”

Jasbir visits an art gallery: I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art?
Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir, that is a mirror.

Santa: I am a most proud Sardar, My son is in medical college.
Banta: Really, what is he studying?

Santa: No is not studying, they are studying him.Sardar Cricket Jokes

Santa was filling up application form for a job. He was not sure as to what to put in the column “Salary Expected”.
After much thought he wrote : Yes, please.

Sadhu : I haven’t slept all night in the train.
Friend: Why?

Sadhu: I had an upper berth.
Friend: Why didn’t you exchange it?
Sadhu: There was nobody in the lower bunk to change it with.

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