Love Failure status Quotes

Love Failure status Quotes
Love Failure status Quotes

Love Failure status Quotes, best Love Failure status Quotes, new Love Failure status Quotes

Everything that I see and do reminds me of him. I wish I could erase all of his memories.
I don’t want to be the one to cry. It hurts saying goodbye.
They say this too shall pass but the pain is forever tattooed in my heart.
When she walked through that door she left me forever alone.
I loved someone but sometimes love just isn’t enough.
My heart is crying like the rain. It’s pouring.
How am I supposed to breathe and live without my love?
I have loved someone for so long that it is so hard to move on.
Put on a smile and no one will know how broken you are inside.
I hope that someday my love will love me again like before.
I feel so sad and heartbroken, I feel like my heart was ripped in half.
I lost my true love and my best friend. I can’t believe this is the end.
I don’t need your reasons because they hurt.
Crying is my only source of relief.
My colorful life turned into a dull, boring world.
Coming home to an empty house makes me realize that it’s all over.
The thunder reminds me of how my heart was broken.
I guess I am better off alone.
The bed where you lie is all made up. It feels so empty.
How did we go from love to hatred?
I wish you weren’t so special.
All I’ve been living for is gone when you said goodbye.
I am a stranger in your heart.
Do you feel me beside you in your bed, there beside you where I used to lay?
Only you can make things better.
The most painful memory is when you kissed me goodbye.
I’m older and colder since that last time I saw your beautiful face.
Now that we’ve said goodbye, you still own my lonely mind and I dream about you all the time.
I have counted the steps that you took when you walked away and said goodbye.
The worst part of my life was when I watched you love someone else.
I hope that one day we will be so much more than friends.
Stop explaining, I know what you are thinking, it’ll only hurt to hear it.
Nothing is fine, I am broken and I am torn.

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With my head in my hands I sit and cry and think about how we drifted apart.
I feel so far from the one that I love and wish to hold in my arms.
All that I’ve been living for was gone when you walked away and never came back.
I am dying inside to hold him and kiss him.
Loving the wrong person hurts like nobody’s business.
My dreams came to an end when he let me go.
She will be forever in my heart even though we didn’t work things out.
The harder I try, the harder it is to forget my lost love.
How do I breathe and how will I live without them?
Someone swept your heart away and now you’re no longer mine.
Keeping the thought of my lost out of my mind is the hardest thing I have to do.
It looks like you’re letting go of our love, it hurt so much I don’t want to know.
The most painful thing is when I walked away and my love didn’t come after me.
I am used to feeling pain, so no matter what happens I’ll be okay.
I think I’m losing my mind but LOL (laughing out loud) makes the pain pass me by.
We got to stop pretending who we are.
I can see our love dying, is it?
How can I turn back the time when I had my real, genuine smile when I was with you?
Please come back home to the place where we used to create beautiful memories.
Sometimes it pays to be critical.
Your love brought me to the light, and now that you’re gone how am I supposed to see?
I never claimed to be a saint, but nobody’s perfect.
We used to be inseparable and now we don’t talk; we are strangers.
Love will find the way.
Go on and fool me and pretend that you love me.
Mistakes and regrets come with love.
I am dying inside when I see my beloved in someone else’s arms.
I just had a wake-up call, to never ever let you fall.
Smiles and laughter serve as camouflage for my broken heart.
My hopes and dreams died when I let him go.
Did I hurt you and make you sad or am I the best thing you’ve ever had?
I’ll just keep on praying, smiling and dreaming till my heartaches end.
I never thought I would need love failure quotes.
If love is blind, my heart will find the way to you.
Sometimes you have to get hurt and feel the pain to know what true happiness is.
If I don’t want you, why would I want someone like you?
Don’t fear saying goodbye, because you can say new hellos.
Life goes on after every pain and life goes on after every storm.
I’m standing in the rain, looking for some place to ease the pain.
The sooner the rain stops falling, the sooner I’ll get over you.
I am almost over you.
Sometimes you have to let go of someone to see if there’s something there to hold and hang onto.
Goodbyes make you appreciate what you had and took for granted.
I hope broken hearts will soon find their way home.
Forgetting you, I tried but I failed, somehow your scent and your face forever in my heart are engraved.
Holding back the tears with all my might because it hurts so much deep inside.
I wish I could have given you so much more.
Reminiscing our loving days makes me want to cry.
Saying goodbye is not hard, it’s facing tomorrow and moving on that’s tough.
The higher you climb the higher you fall. The deeper you love the deeper you fall.
I’m going to dry my eyes and wipe my tears right after I have one last cry.
The doctor can heal my heartache and the tailor can mend my broken heart.
Love songs only remind me of my lost love.
My heart is torn and shattered, and it hurts.
How can I call you mine if you didn’t belong to me in the first place?
Keep searching for that special someone who makes you smile at every little thing.
I will learn to live my life without you.
Love is a dangerous battlefield, bring protection.
Stop running around leaving heartaches and scars.
My heart is vacant and it is searching for an eternal tenant.
Sometimes you just need to listen to your inner voice to find your inner peace.
Collecting and tearing hearts must be her hobby.
If you’re going to hurt me at least be there to clean things up.
Just because I said goodbye it doesn’t mean I wanted to.
Love abandoned you so that someone special will find you and stay in your heart forever.
I’m so lonesome I could eat a bag of Cheetos and cry.
Undo my pain, uncry my tears, unbreak my heart from suffering.
I hate that I’m still crying, moping and hoping.
Love will give you wounds and love will leave you scars.
Each place I run, each place I hide, it only reminds me of you.
Your face haunts me and follows me even into my dreams.
Why did my heart have to get shattered into so many pieces?
Pushing away my angel is the biggest mistake I made.
Heartache is like a stain that never goes away.
I never thought I would know the painful sting of love failure.
Before I let you go and say forever goodbye, I want to say I love you.
Don’t treat me like a stranger because we used to be lovers.
Can a heart be so heavy that it falls out your chest?
Sometimes people you really love hurt you the most of all.
I tried to forget my lost lover, but the more I tried, the more I remembered.
I long for eternal rest and peace, yet you always find me and disturb my dreams.
When will the pain disappear, when will the heartache vanish?
Will I ever know peace and freedom again?
I hope that someone can come and pick up the pieces of my broken heart.
I love her, but she loves another, yet I am glad that she is happy.
You are the only one that I care about liking me, and you don’t.
I try to laugh away the pain and smile away the frowning.
I was too blind to see that she never truly saw me.
You were my first love, first crush, first kiss, first embrace and first heartbreak.
So this is what love failure is? It’s worse than I imagined.
Sad music isn’t sad enough to capture the pain in my broken heart.

 Top 15+ Love Failure Quotes For Boy

“I Never Claimed To Be A Saint, But Nobody’S Perfect.”
“We Used To Be Inseparable And Now We Don’T Talk; We Are Strangers.”
“Love Will Find The Way.”
“Only You Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad. And Only You Can Make Me Shed Tears When I Am Mad.”
“I Gave You My Love And You Gave Me Heartaches In Return.”
“I Believe That No One In This World Can Hurt Me Like The Way You Did When You Walked Away From Me.”
“Only Real Men Knows That One Woman Is Enough.”
“If You Don’T Let Your Past Die, Your Past Won’T Let You Live.”
“One Day, You’Re Going To Wake Up And Realize That You Should Have Tried.”
“I Don’T Hate You. I’M Just Disappointed You Turned Into Everything You Said You’D Never Be.”
“It’S Terrible To Lose Someone We Love, But It’S Even Worse To Lose Ourselves While Loving Them.”
“If He Makes You Lose Your Family, Lose Your Friends, Lose Your Confidence, Or Lose Your Happiness, Then You Need To Lose Him.”
“Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From Anything That No Longer Serves You, Grows You, Or Makes You Happy.”
“When Someone Treats You As Only An Option, Help Them Narrow Their Choices By Removing Yourself From The Equation. It’S That Simple.”
“Moving On Is One Thing And Accepting That You Failed Me Is Another Thing.”

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