latest whatsapp status 2018

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  1. I’m not perfect but I’m Loyal
  2. I’m not single, I’m just romantically challenged.
  3. I know I’m “Awesome” So I don’t care about your “Opinion”
  4. I don’t have Attitude problem. I have Attitude, the problem is yours.
  5. I am only good at hiding my feelings
  6. I cannot change yesterday, but I can change today
  7. I am responsible for my own happiness
  8. I always learn from mistake of others who take my advice.
  9. It’s my life, so keep your nose out of it..!
  10. I work for money, for loyalty hire a Dog.
  11. Down to earth but still above you all.
  12. I like cars with edges and women with curves
  13. Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.
  14. Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.
  15. A conclusion is the part where you got tired of thinking.
  16. Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out alive.
  17. Be smarter than your smartphone
  18. I am more afraid of leaving my phone unlocked around my family than I am of dying
  19. I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food.
latest whatsapp status
latest whatsapp status

one line whatsapp status 2018

  1. You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.
  2. Insurance is like marriage. You pay, pay, pay, and you never get anything back
  3. THINK – It’s not illegal yet
  4. I don’t need therapy, I need a hug
  5. When I was Born DEVIL said ohh shitt… competition
  6. I don’t trust words, I trust ACTIONS.
  7. The best way to predict your future is to create it.
  8. Your status won’t ever match my status neither in whatsapp nor in reality.
  9. Status Unavailable, please try and reload again.
  10. I Like it when people look at my status and say “Impressive”.
  11. Marriage is like a workshop. Husband works and my wife shops. LOL!
  12. Someone asked me, How is your life? I said she is good.
  13. I love to work for my dreams rather than someone elses.
  14. I m not special person but they just call me “LIMITED EDITION”.
  15. Being in love with someone and still single.
  16. I am not perfect in everything but when I am perfect no one is better than me.
  17. Eat > Sleep > Regret > Repeat
  18. Even the most serious thing in world seems to be funny with that best friend.
  19. Truth is superficial and fake is beneficial.
  20. Don’t wait for that moment, take the moment and make it perfect. status
  21. Satisfy the Person Who expect smile Rather Than Surprising the Person Who Never Expected Nothing.
  22. I love my job when i am on vacations.
  23. Work until you balance matched the number of digits your phone has.
  24. You are never too old to chase your dreams.
  25. Till the time you won’t fall you won’t Rise

short whatsapp status 2018

  1. I believe in living today, not in yesterday, nor in tomorrow.
  2. Put aside emotions and do what you are supposed to do.
  3. Itni jaldi kya he abhi to mene padhai start kari he.
  4. It’s not about the shoes, it’s about what you do in them.
  5. Unicorns do exist. They’re just fat and grey and we call them Rhinos.
  6. No more watch, its game time.
  7. The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
  8. Yaadein mithai ki dabbe ki tarah hoti hai,ek bar kholo to sirf ek tukda nahi kha paaoge.
  9. First love, second chance? (Whatsapp status best)
  10. If dreams don’t scare you,they aren’t big enough.
  11. Everything is fare on life and race.
  12. I need to get personal AC’s in this terrible temperature
  13. Girl in need is your wife indeed.
  14. “Love me as you do” says to me my pet. And I just love him/her.
  15. Starting a new life with BOOM.
  16. Life gives hurdles, but I am an athlete. So its fun.
  17. Playing music of life, and it seems its just NOISE.
  18. Friends and family need no excuse
  19. I wish my mind had a delete button.
  20. Genius by Birth, Evil by Choice
  21. Don’t worry about what to wear today, your smile goes with any clothes.
  22. Don’t try to mess with me I am an budding entrepreneur, and you have no idea what I can do.
  23. Respect yourself and follow your heart.
  24. My liver needs some wash,do we have any free service center
  25. Dreams go hand in hand with hard work
  26. Friends are forever, until they get in a relationship!
  27. You say it best when you say nothing at all!!

best whatsapp status ever

  1. Sometimes, i want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view!
  2. Shit happens. Everyday. To everyone. The difference is in how people deal with it.
  3. Maturity is not when we start speaking big things. It is when we start understanding small things.
  4. Sometimes I’ts better To be Alone.. Nobody Can Hurt You!
  5. God is really creative, I mean.. just look at me! 🙂
  6. Last seen 1980! 😀
  7. Thinking holds what you feel, feeling drives what we think.
  8. A friendship that can end never really began !
  9. I dont have a lot of friends, I just know a lot of people.
  10. A friend is someone who knows all abt u and accept u as u are.
  11. Right‬ or ‪Wrong‬ doesn’t ‪‎exist‬! When u have a ‪‎CONFIDENCE‬.
  12. Life is Just a Journey.
  13. Be bold to own your mistakes in Life, accept your faults and improve your personality.
  14. I speak for what i see, I stand for what I Beileve. I strive for what i want.
  15. When u love someone, even though they hurt u nd break your heart, you still love them with all the little pieces!!
  16. World is small and life is short.. Spread smiles and share peace.
  17. People who tolerate me on the daily basis! are real heroes in my eye.
  18. Life goes on with or without you!
  19. I hate fake people. You know what I’m talking about. Mannequins. 😀
  20. I am the circle, and the circle is me.
  21. 24 Hours Online!
  22.  Every problem comes with solution, but my GF don’t have.
  23.  Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status.
  24. Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
  25. What is known in the heart doesn’t always need to be uttered by Mouth.
  26. Don’t feel special. Some people keep your number in phone list just not to answer your call.
  27. We are WTF generation …. WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook
  28. Study for interest not for making interest.
  29. Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude they are both different.
  30. My personality is me and my attitude depends on you.
  31. Status chod DP dekh

top whatsapp status ever

  1. Being Entrepreneur never goes out of style.
  2.  If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
  3. Dont talk if you dont have any good thing to say
  4.  A female can be your best friend and worst enemy. It all depends on how you treat her.
  5.  Remember, You are unique, but then again so is everyone else in this world.
  6.  Sometimes the right one for you is the one who was there the whole time.
  7.  If they can’t swallow facts, let them eat fiction.
  8.  I think of you in colours that don’t exist.
  9.  Alone doesn’t mean lonely, lonely doesn’t have to be alone.
  10.  Beauty is power, a smile is its sword..
  11. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are.
  12.  Classic book is a book which people praise, but do not read.
  13.  Cheer up, tomorrow will be a better day, just believe!
  14.  It might take awhile, but eventually you’re going to find the good in goodbye.
  15.  When the past calls, let it
  16. Love in air and pollution too.
  17. I also do have volatile RAM its just called HEART.
  18. Day after tomorrow is most beautiful but many people will die tomorrow evening.
  19. Help in need is favor indeed.

latest whatsapp status for fb

  1. Genius at Play > Your game OVER.
  2. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
  3. If you’re hotter than me, then that means I’m cooler than you.
  4. I’m not SHORT, I am just concentrated AWESOME!
  5. Come in my Heart and pay no rent.
  6. Attitude is like underwear Don’t show it just wore it!
  7. I don’t insult people, I just describe them.
  8. Don’t play stupid with me, I’m better at it.
  9. I have two choices – BE RICH or BE RICH
  10. Get such respect such that even after closure of curtains people should keep clapping!
  11. For Sale: BRAIN. used less, perfect working condition.
  12. Money won’t work until you work for money.
  13. Better you choose your career rather than career choosing you.
  14. Never laugh at your wife’s choices because you are probably one of them.
  15. I just want to die young as late as possible.
  16. If you’re talking about me on my back,I don’t Care!
  17. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.
  18. I am born to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS.
  19. A TV can insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in like a computer.
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